100% Private & Secure

The World's First
Gun Diary

Harness the power of anonymous blockchain technology to privately store and track all of your firearm’s information including: license management, gun and ammo inventory, destination management, private GEO fencing & more!

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Gun inventory for
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Ammo &
equipment failures

Why a Gun Diary?

Gun owners are human and we all forget things. Guniary™ is 100% private and anonymous -- a secure way to store your most valuable firearm information using blockchain technology. Track your location and the location of your gun and ammo.

What else can Guniary™ do besides store my personal data?

Geo-fencing and alerts could stop a legal nightmare!

You visit a range in PA with friends and stop for coffee on the way there. But little did you know that on the way to get coffee you drove through a school zone with a firearm in your vehicle, breaking the law.

If you have Guniary™, you will be alerted to this, because Guniary™ knows the geolocation of the PA range. Your gun and ammo is checked out of your home location inventory for use in PA.

All completely private - the information is yours, stored on the blockchain, and never shared.

Is my data secure?

Your information is more secure than ever with the power of the Blocksafe® custom blockchain.

You may be wondering:

Where is the data stored?  Who can see it?  Is the data secure?  Is my identity secure?  What happens to my data if the database or vendor (apps) is breached?

Our solution rests in the power of the most secure technology in the world. Through Blocksafe®, blockchain technology stores, manages, and protects your data.

Why blockchain?  Why Blocksafe®?

Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger system and globally self-managed data encryption and storage network. Temporary expiring Guniary™ keys and all entries to the ledger being immutable data result in a system that is safe, private, and anonymous.

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